3DVista Virtual Tour Suite 2018.1.11 + Crack

Software: 3DVista Virtual Tour Suite
File Size: 181.12 MB
Version: 2018.1.11
Herb: Crack
Platform: Windows® 10/8/8.1/7/XP/Vista [x86 & x64]


181.12 MB  – The 3DVista Virtual Tour Suite is a 360-degree virtual tour software with a 60-degree panoramic view, 360-degree video, embedded sound, video and photos, floor plans and a fully customizable frame. The 3DVista Virtual Tour crack version supports new 3D transition effects and unique features such as animated panoramas, real-time panoramas (day and night effects), adaptive HDR and 360o video, and friends who need it to download.

Powerful hotspot

Hotspots are the essence of a virtual journey. They allow your viewers to click on an object and discover the information and details in the scene. Choose from our large library of icons, import your own images or highlight objects in the panorama as a clickable hotspot. There are many operations that you can assign to a hotspot: open pop-up detail images, 3D models, open purchase windows, multi-faceted info windows, websites, download files or play audio, video (360o video and regular video).

Animated panorama

Imagine you can click on the characters in the panorama and let them start moving and talking. This is an animated panorama. Lighter than the entire 360-degree video, but more dynamic than a still panorama, the animated panorama is the best way to inform the audience. Unlike the pop-up info window, the element itself (whether a person or a production line) starts moving within the panorama when clicked for internal interpretation or presentation. Or you can simply let a fireplace light up or let the pot on the oven start to steam, creating an atmosphere.

Live panorama

Capture the true spirit of a place. Live Panorama combines several panoramas of the same attraction taken at different times to create a 360-degree interactive time display. The results are breathtaking: when you look around, you will notice that the scenery changes slowly.

Live Panorama’s dynamics convey a little extra emotion. Displaying a house under different lighting conditions, at sunset or in the dining room, the terrace changes its atmosphere, from empty to crowded. The possibilities are endless.

3D transition effect

The 3D animation transition between “stop” gives you a natural impression of the movement, which you can learn from 3D models and scans. This technique does not jump from one place to another, but rather makes you feel that you are actually moving in the next position. All from pure photography.

360° video, including live hotspots

360o scenery, but in motion! Just like a panorama, you can place a hotspot in a 360-degree video to explain or highlight the content in the scene. Are those things moving? No problem – 360o video hotspots can be dynamic so that they move, appear, disappear, and change with the size of the object.

Adaptive HDR panorama

We make HDR dynamic. Inspired by the behavior of the human eye, we adjust the iris to dynamically adapt to the light and darkness. This means that depending on the panoramic area the user is looking at, the lighting and exposure will be adjusted accordingly. An excellent feature unique to 3DVista makes HDR look more realistic.

Preset skin and personal style elements

Skin is the framework for your virtual tour. They can include stickers, buttons, text boxes and logos to “float” on top of virtual walkthroughs. Skin is about letting your virtual tour experience customize the look and feel of your presentation, and it should go hand in hand with your style guide or corporate identity.

Choose a preset look or create your own design from over 300 library elements and import your own elements. Once the design is complete, save each component and the entire look or mask to your library for future use. Unique and fast.

Compatible with VR

3DVista Virtual Tours is compatible with VR, which means they can be seen in “standard 360°” and virtual reality. Your viewers can switch from one mode to another with the push of a button.

Create your own virtual reality experience and share it as a link, which will experience an immersive experience on most popular VR devices.

Support VR stereo panorama

VT PRO is one of the only providers to support 360-degree real 3D. Import your stereo panorama or render and create stereo 3D360o interactive virtual walks, defeating everything else in reality. The difference from mono to stereo will blow your mind and allow you to create your own real-world video games.


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