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cFosSpeed 10.08 Build 2215 Full + Patch

Soft Name cFosSpeed
Version 10.08 Build 2215
Size 7.11 MB
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Description cFosSpeed 10.08 Build 2215 ​​the program, representing a network driver, which is joined to the existing Internet connection and instantly optimizes data transfer by prioritizing traffic. In short, there is no free lunch in this world, any software can not help you enhance physical bandwidth! cFosSpeed ​​is no exception. So what does he do? It is a software QoS, traffic shaping is software that can help those in the wild can be downloaded at the same time to ensure a relatively smooth experience of reading pages and online games. This is a large area of ​​asymmetric lines used (ADSL as well as those pseudo-fiber access) have very good results.

cFosSpeed 10.08 Build 2215 ​​What are the advantages?

Compared to the general who just simply change to change the system parameters on the network optimization software daring banner, let us take a closer look at a few large cFosSpeed ​​unique:

1. To support a variety of broadband access, the system underlying the program, small memory;

cFosSpeed ​​applicable network access types: DSL, Cable, Wireless Broadband (2G / 3G), WiFi, etc., absolutely meet the daily needs of the network. At the same time the underlying drivers for the system software itself, occupy less memory, the memory footprint is shown here as the author 22M.

2. Unique Traffic Shaping transmission, can also improve network response at full speed when uploading

We usually use Thunder, eMule or BT download isochronous data transfer (especially the upload process) will occupy essentially all of the data transmission channel, easily lead to high latency high Ping value (gaming enthusiasts say intolerable), while Originally only takes a few milliseconds request, they become more than it takes twelve seconds to complete. Complicated to say that the TCP ACK can not be sent in time, leading to browse the Web during download upload speed was slow to respond, simply show it is a word – card.

Traffic Shaping you almost do not need to make any settings, it will self-learning, as to how to make the software more quickly into the state.

3. multi-computer while online multiplayer speed collaborative optimization, Internet downloads correct:

cFosSpeed ​​under the same router allows multiple PC automatically coordinated to achieve the overall best network experience through software. An analogy, a dormitory and a small A small B Internet using the same router. If the small A full speed download with making small B browsing the web, the software will automatically reduce the communication priority A small computer Thunder (not the speed limit!) In order to ensure smooth small B Internet.

How to implement this feature? Under the same LAN as long as the PC has installed all cFosSpeed ​​can. And the software will work with the default function open network environment if you are not at the standard, you can set -> Preferences -> currently connected to Settings -> check “non-cooperative.”

cFosSpeed ​​synergy

4. effectively reduce network latency, lower values ​​PING make you enjoy fighting games Network Game

When Traffic Shaping technology has been able to effectively reduce the transmission of data on the impact of network delay, if you want to get in the game less ping, first right software tray icon, and then select it as shown below. When selecting optimization ping time, the software will sacrifice some bandwidth to shorten slightly ping time.

5. excellent system compatibility and software stability:

Those advantages compared to the above, the development of the accumulation of 10 years of outstanding performance on the PC compatibility is also a bit dull: The program supports the latest version from Win XP to Windows 8, native 32/64. In addition to it, the official website also provides support under the old version of the software platform Win, and even DOS did not fall, did not say compatibility.

cFosSpeed 10.08 Build 2215 ​​software settings entry:

1. How to make cFosSpeed ​​quick access to state

After installing the software, right-click the tray icon -> Flow Adjustments -> line calibration, and then use the tools for more than 30 minutes to download full-speed download, so cFosSpeed ​​understand learning network environment you are in.

2. Set cFosSpeed ​​/ Add PC network priority programs

CFosSpeed ​​enter the settings page, click on the left side of the “Program” will be able to see the cFosSpeed ​​has many different functions in accordance with the PC program is divided into six categories, and their default priority. Of course, you can drag the slider to customize the yellow area network priorities for each program, with immediate effect.

cFosSpeed ​​settings

When there is no need to add cFosSpeed ​​program, click on the appropriate classification under the “new program”, and then in the path of the pop-up window positioning program and its priorities, and to “add.”

Remember, all the program priorities are set to “maximum” is unwise: the “Thunderbolt (shared),” the priority is set to “minimum”, and then set the “CS (game)” to “highest”, so in order to get a good ping times in the game.

3. How to temporarily change the priority of individual software network

Sometimes we have a temporary emergency network to change the priority of a piece of software, that the second set would be tedious. CFosSpeed ​​8 from the beginning, simply right-click on the tray icon and select “current connection” we can process through a network of about + – to temporarily change the number of network software priority, very convenient:

Adjust the network priority

The right-click menu to quickly switch “Optimizing PING” & “optimize network”

szpunk (special group – translation


Download Delta + Tusfiles + Solidfiles + Data

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Download cFosSpeed 10.08 Build 2215 Full + Patch


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