GGCam 2.1 Professional Full + Patch

Soft Name GGCam Professional
Version 2.1
Size 44.17 MB
Patch Work (Tested)
Serial Key
RAR_Password best4pccom
Host Datafilehost, Tusfiles, Deltawap, Solidfiles
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Do not loose any more time to program your CNC manually. With GGCam Professional 2.1, go from your CAD model to the final part in few mouse clicks.


A strong CAM engine
GGCam 2.1 Professionalengine is based on post-processors written in python script language. It is an open system that allows you to write your own post-processors. The tool integration in the GGCad interface provides the user with the possibility to define profiles, contours, pocketing, drilling in just some mouse clicks. The tool path can be visualized in 3 dimensions. Macro and python CAM script can be added to customize features. A GCode editor with syntax highlighting offers a simple and fast visualization of the output file.

Select, create, modify one ore more drilling as you would do it with a pen on a sheet of paper. Drilling, peck drilling, taping, boring.

Add tabs automatically. Tabs allows to leave the part fixed to the raw material. This is useful to avoid thin parts to be sucked up or broken. Define the number, width, length.

Plasma/Oxy, entry points
When a plasma starts, there are burrs created which have to be avoided. To do so, define offseted start points. GGCad will add automatically the tool path to enter beside the final tool path. This can be an arc tangent to the tool path (plasma/oxy) or a strait line (laser/EDM).

Different machining operation are available. Pocketing, zigzag, inside/outside offset, drillings, circles, spirals.

Engrave your text with the support of TrueType and Autocad fonts.

3D Chamfer/Fillet
The 2D interface supply a tool to create chamfer or fillet corner on the edges of the part, in one mouse click.

3D Interface
GGCad support 3D file formats such as STL, 3DS, Collada. It can now work on 3D shapes. Tools such as zigzag, offset, profile allows to create tool path in 3D. It gives the possibility to do engraving, moulding.

Bitmap support, heightmap
Bitmap file like bmp, jpg, png can be imported to generate height map.

Project text or any other polyline onto a 3D surface. The projection will follow the curves.

A complete simulator reproduces the machined part by material removing.

Python Interface
The python script interface has new features to create your own 3D shapes.

Macros can be integrated during tool path generation. Some are predefined like tool radius or tool length compensation. Macros can be written in ISO code or in python.

Download Data + Upfile + 2Giga + Solid + aDrive + Dbree


Download GGCam 2.1 Professional Full + Patch

RAR PASSWORD: best4pccom

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