Phase One Capture One Pro 11.3.1 + Keygen

Software: Phase One Capture One Pro
File Size: 141.91 MB
Version: 11.3.1
Herb: Keygen
Platform: Windows® 10/8/8.1/7/XP/Vista [x86 & x64]


141.91 MB – Capture One Pro is a professional original file converter and image editing software. It combines all the essential tools and high-end features to capture, organize, edit, share and print images in a fast, flexible and efficient workflow. Capture One Pro’s powerful and intuitive tool set is used by professional photographers to deliver world-class graphics with exceptional color and detail.

Capture One PRO features unlimited batch flushing, multiple contrast output functions, color curve editing, digital information support, additional support for digital camera RAW files, and more. The software provides the best conversion quality and the workflow is well received by the world, so Capture One PRO is undoubtedly the standard for RAW conversion software.

Improve the quality of captured images – Use Capture One to dramatically improve the image quality of RAW files.
The photographer’s participation in the design of the software for the photographer – the design of the Capture One software, the photographer invited the photographer to participate, the entire software works in accordance with the habit of photography.
Save time spent in front of your computer—Capture One software handles RAW programs with a high degree of intelligence, saving photographers a lot of time and allowing you to spend more time on shooting.
Real-time preview of the modified effect – When the image is modified, Capture One can preview the adjustment effect in real time, which is consistent with the final result.
A tool for processing raw files, color details are stronger than PS, and supports the same processing scheme batch raw file conversion function and Canon processing software Canon File Viewer Utility, Nikon processing software Nikon Capture.

Powerful software features

  • Freescale’s patented RAW conversion computing technology greatly enhances image quality
  • Advanced noise suppression
  • Suppress color gradation separation
  • RGB curve multi-channel simultaneous adjustment
  • Dual window preview mode can be used to compare similar images
  • Can convert images directly into black and white images
  • Flexible white balance adjustment, which can correct the camera’s pre-measurement and obtain
  • incorrect white balance
  • Color temperature adjustment, adjust color temperature arbitrarily
  • Color version adjust image color
  • Saturation adjustment
  • Contrast adjustment
  • 16Bit color depth output
  • Phase One special sharpening algorithm
  • Level and curve adjustment
  • Exposure compensation (+/-2.5EV)
  • Exposure transition or underexposure area warning
  • Exposure transition warns in color histogram
  • Can customize the cutting ratio
  • Automatically adjust the exposure
  • Rotating image (plus or minus 90 degrees)
  • Metadata information
  • Zoom in preview tool
  • Image is automatically adapted to the window size tool
  • 4-channel color histogram display
  • Focus preview window supports 100% magnification
  • Automatic software online upgrade
  • Color noise suppression


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