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Bitsum Process Lasso Pro + Patch

The Lasso Process made by Bitsum Software is a unique new technology that will improve your computer’s response and stability. Windows, by design, allows programs to monopolize your CPU without a hitch – causing hangs and hangs. The Lassos ProBalance (Process Balance) process technology intelligently adjusts the priority of the program that is running so that processes that behave badly or are too active will not interfere with your ability to use a computer!

Process Lasso also offers various ways to fully control how your CPU is allocated to run programs. You can choose what priority process must be run, and which CPU (core) should be assigned to it. You can also prohibit running certain programs, record all running programs, and many more (see list below).

After you install Process Lasso, it will only start working. More advanced users can tweak the configuration, but you don’t need to touch anything to fix it instantly increasing your system response and preventing kiosks in high load situations.

For network admins, Proces Lasso works very well on Terminal Servers and in multi-user environments. We have many clients who have used Process Lasso on their Terminal Servers for years.

The best of all, the Lasso Process is written in the original C ++ language, not .NET. This means consuming very little system resources – far less than similar software.

Processing Lasso Features
Prevent the process from monopolozing CPU (s)
Optimization of proportional optimization priorities
CPU throttling (new)
Save process priority for instances in the future
Save the affin CPU process

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