Xmanager Power Suite 6.0095 + Keygen

114.78 MB ~ Xmanager Power Suite 6.0095 is a powerful and easy-to-use session management tool. It is mainly used by network administrators. It can easily connect to remote servers for various operations.

It has a user-friendly interface and supports dialogue to create, edit, delete or Simultaneously start multiple session operations, support the UNIX / Linux desktop environment to bring into the windows pc version, the new version optimizes performance, adds new support, can greatly improve the efficiency of management personnel, saving the corresponding time.

Xmanager Power Suite 6.0095 includes products:

  1. Xbrowser: Xbrowser can connect to Unix/Linux hosts remotely via graphical desktop using the xdcmp protocol
  2. Xconfig: Xconfig is a tool for configuration in the X Window environment under Linux, similar to menuconfig, but more user-friendly and convenient.
  3. Xftp:Xftp is a powerful FTP and SFTP file transfer program for the MS Windows platform. Xftp allows you to safely transfer files between Unix/Linux and Windows PC
  4. Xlpd:Xlpd is an LPD (Line Printer Virtual Daemon) application for the MS Windows platform. With Xlpd installed, your local PC with a printer becomes a print server, and print jobs from different remote systems can be requested and processed in the network environment.
  5. Xmanager – Broadcast: Used to connect to a remote host
  6. Xmanager – Passive:You can choose Xbrowser, Xstart, Xconfig and Xsound to connect to the remote
  7. Xshell:Xshell is a powerful SSH, TELNET, and RLOGIN terminal emulation software for the MS Windows platform. It allows users to easily and securely access Unix/Linux hosts from a Windows PC
  8. Xstart:Xstart connects to a Unix/Linux host through a graphical interface

Software features

  • Multiple Xmanager settings can be set through the Xcongfig tool
  • Support multi-user Windows terminal environment
  • Support multiple IP addresses
  • Support local resource database
  • Convert the keyboard mapping by hotkey
  • support for Windows printing functions under multiple windows.



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