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Altair Inspire Cast 2020.0 Build 2638 for Windows x64

Altair Inspire Cast is the fastest, simplest, most accurate and most cost-effective casting simulation tool designed to create high-quality products and increase economic efficiency through a highly intuitive user experience.

This is the only simulation tool that is suitable for beginners and experienced users, and can meet the needs of various users from product designers to metal casting engineers. From the initial design stage, users can intuitively find all types of typical casting defects, such as air entrapment, shrinkage, cold insulation, and reduced mold performance.

They can also correct these defects, thereby avoiding the high cost of downstream correction. The guided process template provides 5 simple steps to simulate metal core gravity casting, sand core gravity casting, investment casting, high pressure casting, low pressure casting, and tilting casting. Innovative experience

Altair Inspire Cast allows users to improve product quality and design better products after simple training.

Altair Inspire Cast Features

Ease of Use with 5 Simple Steps
Simulate, run analysis, optimize, and cast final part all within one comprehensive environment and user-friendly interface.

Variety of Casting Templates to Simulate
Altair Inspire Cast offers a number of casting templates to simulate high and low pressure die casting, gravity sand, and investment casting.

Optimize Ingate Design and Position
Altair Inspire Cast allows quick and simple ingate simulation – simply select the size and position and Altair Inspire Cast will auto-generate the ingate.

Validate Full Casting Designs
Altair Inspire Cast allows users to validate full casting designs including cavities, runners and overflows.

Download Altair Inspire Cast 2020.0 Build 2638

File size : 2.1 GB total
Part1 => [File-UP] [Usersdrive] [Workupload] 1.1 GB
Part2 => [File-UP] [Usersdrive] [Workupload] 1 GB
RAR Password: alt41r
Fast download from Google Drive [Take a survey] Guaranteed to link alive.
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Altair Inspire Cast 2020.0 Build 2638 Install Instruction

1. Install Altair Inspire Cast 2020.0 Win64. Skip license selection if asked for

2. Copy crack folder “InspireCast2020” on top of the original one
(by default C:\Program Files\Altair\2020\InspireCast2020 ) with overwrie

3. Enjoy

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