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Auto FTP Manager 7.11

Auto FTP Manager allows users to connect to remote FTP servers, obtain remote Ftp server file information and perform operations such as moving, renaming, deleting, uploading, uploading, and downloading related files, and the Automatic FTP Manager has Encrypted upload files, upload file queues, and downloads operations.

Auto FTP Manager Features

File Transfer Automation

  • Easily backup or synchronize your sites through fully-automated transfers which are not only fast, but also can be scheduled
  • Move the files between PC to FTP server, PC to PC,
    FTP server to FTP server
  • Automatically detect ASCII or Binary transfer mode
  • Save time by scheduling all your file transfers on a specific time which can be repeated hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, on application launch or let Auto FTP Manager watch a folder for changes
  • Select Action Rules to select which files to copy, move, or delete
  • Set Conflict Rules when files are present in both locations
  • File transfer scheduler runs as a windows task service
  • Automatically transfer files based on their name, modification date,
    size, or file type
  • Detect time zone on the FTP server to preserve the modification date of the transferred file
  • Control Auto FTP Manager using its command-line interface
  • Perform scheduled tasks in the background
  • Continue transfers that have been interrupted
  • Perform Post transfer events such as Save Transfer Report and Turn Off Computer

Secure Transfer

  • Transfer files between two servers using File eXchange Protocol
  • Prevent passwords and sensitive information from being transmitted by using the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or FTP over SSL (FTPS) protocol
  • Create an individual configuration profile for each FTP server
  • Transfer files between multiple servers simultaneously
  • Connect to an FTP server directly or through HTTP, Socks v4, Socks v5 or FTP Proxy server

Easy File Management

  • Upload and Download files and folders easily.  Just drag and drop them wherever you want them to transfer
  • Edit, update, create, copy, compare, delete and much more on your PC and server using Auto FTP Manager’s inbuilt File Manager
  • Quickly sync your folders by comparing and transferring only changed files
  • Perform in-place editing of files directly on the server without having to transfer first
  • Make a backup of all your connection profile settings

Preview Transfer Actions

  • Save automated Transfer Reports either locally or on an FTP server, or have them emailed to any address
  • Track each event with detailed log information such as date/time of occurrence, type of events and a brief description


Download Auto FTP Manager 7.11

Rar Password: Best4PC

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