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DipTrace is a program designed for those involved in the development of the scheme. You can use this program to develop a scheme or change it to various editor patterns so that you can export it to DXF, Gerber, Drill, and G-Code. With so many home-designs included in the library and design options for serious designers, try DipTrace.

The Main Features of DipTrace:

  • Ability to draw schematic sequences across multiple pages and hierarchically
  • Automatic and high-speed routing in PCB documents
  • Advanced troubleshooting and DRC features simultaneously
  • Ability to create files suitable for CCTV fiber manufacturers
  • The sophisticated and fully integrated three-dimensional design of all types of electrical circuits
  • Schematic circuit capabilities and designed circuit testing
  • Extensive Export and Import Ability
  • Has a user-friendly environment or easy learning ability
  • and much more.


Download DipTrace

Rar Password: Best4PC

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