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HeimdalSecurity THOR Entreprise RC

HeimdalSecurity THOR Entreprise RC is a kind of antivirus that is useful for securing your environment and adding valuable threat hunting tools. The modular nature of Thor Premium Enterprise allows you to add an important layer of security to prevent data breaches and get actionable insights to increase the resilience of your cyberspace environment.

HeimdalSecurity THOR Entreprise Main Features:

  • Scans Your System for Vulnerable Applications
  • Keeps Your Apps Up to Date Automatically and Silently
  • Save Time and Energy, Lock Out 85% of Attack Vectors Targeting Vulnerable Software
  • Install New Applications Directly and Safely
  • Scans and filters all incoming and outgoing internet traffic (HTTP, HTTPS and DNS) to detect and block domains that deliver malware
  • Tracks device-to-infrastructure communication to detect and block 2nd generation malware, no matter the infection source.


Download HeimdalSecurity THOR Entreprise

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