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iZotope Insight 2.1.1 CE-V.R

iZotope Insight 2.1.1 is a special audio analysis metering and plug-in tool that is a trusted component of award-winning post-production and music studios.

iZotope Insight Overview

Responsive meters are built to see what you want
Intuitive UI Insight has received a total overhaul with version two. The plug-in can now be fully resized, as do all the individual meter modules in it. With complete and detailed data about your audio, at a glance, Insight 2 will help ensure that your final results are as hard and clear as the demands of your profession.

Relay is a utility that communicates with iZotope compatible plug-ins throughout your session to complete a variety of useful tasks. Place a Relay on your track and get access to precise channel strip functions such as high pass filtering, phase and mono controls, pan and width shifters, and time delays.

Customizable UI
With many options to personalize your measurement experience, Insight allows you to visualize your audio in a way that is perfect for your project or session.

Intelligence Meter
Using Relay, Insight 2 takes information from your dialogue tracks and recommends a level of dialogue and placement when compared to your other mixes.

Win64; AAX, VST3, VST


Download iZotope Insight 2.1.1 CE-V.R

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