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Navicat Data Modeler 3.0.8 Keygen

Navicat Data Modeler is a powerful and cost-effective database design layout software that helps you build high-quality conceptual, logical, and physical data models. This allows you to visually design database structures, perform reverse / advanced engineering processes, import models from ODBC data sources, produce complex SQL / DDLs, print models to files, and more.

Simplify the task of creating complex entity relationship models and generate SQL scripts with a simple click. Navicat Data Modeler supports a variety of database systems, including MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.

Navicat Data Modeler Feature

Database Object
Create, modify, and design your model using professional object designers, available for Tables and Views. Without the need to write complex SQL to create and edit objects, you will know exactly what you are working on. Also, Navicat Data Modeler supports three standard notations: Foot Crow, IDEF1x and UML. Using our feature-rich, simple and user-friendly drawing tools, you can develop a complete data model with just a few clicks.

Model Type
Navicat Data Modeler allows you to build high-quality conceptual, logical and physical data models for a diverse audience. Using the Model Conversion feature, you can transform a conceptual business level model into a logical relational database model and then into a physical database implementation. From sketching the big picture of your system design to seeing relationships and working with attributes and columns of linked entities, tables and views. You can easily spread accurate changes to database structures and build an organized and more effective database system.

Reverse Engineering
Reverse Engineering is one of the main features of Navicat Data Modeler. Load the structure of the existing database and create a new ER diagram. Visualize database models so you can see how elements such as attributes, relationships, indexes, uniqueness, comments, and other objects are interconnected without showing actual data. Navicat Data Modeler supports various databases: Direct connection, ODBC (* Only for Windows and macOS Editions), MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.

Comparison and Synchronization
The Synchronize to Database function will give you a complete picture of all database differences. After your database is compared, you can see the difference and create a synchronization script to update the destination database to be identical with your model. Flexible settings allow you to set special keys for comparison and synchronization.

SQL Code Creation
Navicat Data Modeler is not just a tool for creating ER diagrams and designing your database. The SQL Export feature also gives you complete control over the final SQL scripts and allows you to produce individual parts of your model, referential integrity rules, comments, character sets, etc., potentially saving hundreds of hours of work.

Standard Design Tools
Add vertices, layers, images, shapes and notes / labels, align / spread objects, unlimited undo / redo capacity, automatic layout, search filters, and more.

Navicat Cloud
Navicat Data Modeler is fully integrated with Navicat Cloud. Sync your virtual model and group files to the cloud for real time access anytime and anywhere. With Navicat Cloud, you can use every minute of your day to maximize your productivity.

Operating System: Windows 7, 8 / 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2016.

Download Navicat Data Modeler 3.0.8

File size : 100.2 MB
[File-UP] [Usersdrive] [Solidfiles] Rar Password: 9108nb

Navicat Data Modeler 3.0.8 Install Instruction

  1. Install software, close after finish
  2. Run keygen and generate key
  3. Register software
  4. Done!
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