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Shadows Pro 4.5.8556 Full Crack

Shadows Pro is a powerful astrolabe software for pc. If you are interested in astronomy, it will help you draw realistic planetary trajectories. It contains a wealth of calculation and drawing tools, the size is still relatively accurate.

Shadows Pro Features

  • Planispheric astrolabe, universal astrolabe
  • Vertical declining analemmatic sundial
  • Bifilar sundials
  • Drawing of azimuth and altitude lines on the sundial
  • Sidereal hours, unequal hours
  • Solar graph (azimuth-altitude) with horizon mask
  • Colored background outside solstice arcs
  • Export of drawing layout in DXF (AutoCAD)
  • Export of animations in AVI
  • Tool for the calculation of sundial parameters from a photo
  • Efficiency graph of a solar pannel
  • Plane sundials with polar style (horizontal, vertical declining, equatorial, polar, meridian)
  • Sundial drawn to scale 1, of any size and any orientation or reclination
  • Compatible with any location on Earth, in northern or southern hemisphere (5100 locations installed)
  • Style drawn to scale 1
  • Tables of coordinates of hour line points and declination arcs
    Drawing of solar or mean hours, with or without longitude correction
  • Text frames that can be moved and resized on the sundial, with preinstalled list of mottoes
  • Equation of time drawn in various forms
  • Drawing of a protractor and azimuth circle
  • Export of data in Excel format
  • Copy-paste of images in bitmap format
  • Fully illustrated 130-page user manual
  • User interface translated in 17 languages
  • Inclined and declining sundial, declining polar sundial, spider sundial
  • Analemmatic sundials
  • Cylindrical sundials
  • Ephemeris tables
  • Italic hours, Babylonic hours,
  • Insertion of image frames on the sundial
  • Export and copy-paste of drawing layout in EMF (vector format)
  • Drawing of the construction layout of a sundial
  • Simulation of the roof’s shadow on the sundial
  • Change of orientation and reclination of a sundial
  • Tool for the determination of the wall’s declination
  • Direction rose, map of the sky
  • Mariner’s astrolabe
  • Stars finder map

Download Shadows Pro 4.5.8556

File size : 54.4MB
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Shadows Pro 4.5.8556 Install Instruction

  • Install software, Close after finish.
  • Copy crack file to installation folder.
  • Done!
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