StataCorp Stata/MP 15.1 Rev 20 Sep 2018 [Full]

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StataCorp LLC. is pleased to announce the availability of Stata 15.1 (Revision 20 Sep 2018), is a complete, integrated statistical software package that provides everything you need for data analysis, data management, and graphics.

Update history:

  • Stata 15.0 base – 06 jun 2017
  • Stata 15.1 base – 06 nov 2017
  • updated to – 20 sep 2018

–––– update 20 Sep 2018 ––––-

– Online help and the search index have been brought up to date for Stata Journal 18(3).
– bootstrap, when used with panel-data commands and variables having time-series operators, produced incorrect standard errors. More lagged observations than necessary were excluded from the bootstrap replication samples. Under standard assumptions, the reported standard-error estimates were conservative. Stata’s xt estimation commands that allow both time-series operators and the vce(bootstrap) option were also affected. This has been fixed.
– levelsof, when used with strL variables and with only one observation in the dataset, produced an error message. This has been fixed.
– margins has the following fixes:
a. margins, after fitting a model with an offset, when options expression() and at() were both specified, in rare cases computed margins from the expression using only the first observation instead of the entire estimation sample. Specifically, only the first observation was used when the expression included more than a single prediction, the prediction relied on the offset, and each variable included in option at() was set to a constant value. This has been fixed.
b. margins with option nose, option dydx(), and multiple predict() options reported marginal effects using only the first predict() option instead of computing the marginal effect for all specified predictions. This has been fixed.
– mixed with option dfmethod(kroger) or option dfmethod(satterthwaite), when group identifiers were string variables, exited with an uninformative error message. This has been fixed.
– predict after menl now estimates predictions for observations with a missing dependent variable.
– Beginning with the 07 August 2018 update, reshape wide with option string and option j(varname), where varname was a string variable containing spaces, did not correctly identify unique values of varname if the characters before the first space were identical for two or more categories of varname. reshape wide now exits with an error message indicating that string j variables are not allowed to contain spaces.
To use a string variable that contains spaces with reshape wide, you can first create a corresponding numeric variable using encode and then specify the resulting variable in reshape’s option j().




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